The idea behind watered is bridging applied and fundamental research to manufactory engineering in order to maximize research efforts against technological and industrial requirements in the field of water resources management.
This bridge is based on the networking of internationally awarded professionists and institutions with specific know-how.

Part of this networking that I'm leading was built under my research experience in Norway, with focus on ocean monitoring, during which I have been working side by side with scientists and engineers from several countries cooperating within large consortia granted by EU funds.
The aim is providing a cost effective approach for
- researchers: to get from the idea to the concept or to the desired dataset to be studied (read:publication),
- manufacturers: to get from a prototype to an industrial compliant product.

The core of watered  is environmental monitoring, with attention on design and development of:
- sensors and sensing techniques
- prototyping of electro-optical manifolds
- laser systems and fiber optics
- embedded system, automation and data/image processing

Ocean monitoring and fresh water resources surveillance are inherently under the spotlight.
Furthermore, we are committed to invest in industrial processes, waste water management, energy production, food production, health and safety.
In situ monitoring for surveillance and risk management has seen a rapid increase of private and public investments worldwide, in order to develop tools capable to early detect potential threats arising from global changes, massive anthropogenic impact, exploitation of resources.
Indeed, anthropogenic hazard.
I personally believe that preserving the equilibrium (isn't it too late?) between human activity and environment is the key to benefit from it and give a chance to us to access the beauty of life on this planet.

Taking new challenges is our daily mission. For ideas to grow, they need to be watered.

Emanuele Reggiani